bowdry paralegal st charlesWelcome to Bowdry’s Independent Paralegal Services!!!

BIPS, LLC officially opened our doors in the summer of 2009. Our team has worked in different settings ranging from corporations to small and large law firms. We truly have a passion for the law and are very dedicated to providing excellent service. We will work with every client to ensure you are satisfied. We are your virtual assistant who can help you achieve your organizational goals.

Our services are ideal for law firms, sole practitioners, or corporations that require extra help on a case by case basis without breaking the budget. There is no need to incur the expenses of a full-time employee when we can get the job accomplished at a much lower rate. With our help you can save hundreds yearly on office equipment, office space, supplies, and other overhead expenses. Using our service will allow you to redirect your savings for other use within the company.

Services Bowdry’s offer:


1. Civil Complaints

2. Small claims complaints
3. Unlawful Detainer complaints
4. Unlawful Detainer Responses
5. Responses to small claims complaints
6. Demurr to complaint
7. all civil motions, and declaration
8. Amendments to all forms of complaints
9. All form Interrogatories, special Interrogatories, all process of discovery, and responses to all discover
10.Legal Research and law application and enforcement
11. Several other services depending on the documents for either Plaintiff or Defendant

Family Law-Petitioner/Respondent

1. Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic partnership termination

2. Custody
3. Spousal support, child support, emergency support, status quo of marriage for payment of house hold if a party was not employed during the marriage
4. All form Interrogatories, special Interrogatories, all process of discovery, and responses to all discover
5. DNA, paternity testing
6. Child Support Division Involvement
7. Drivers license suspension for support matters over $5,500
8.Wage assignment
9. Trial preparation
10. Several other services in this area


1. Discovery process and legal research

2. Limited Motions
3. Party declarations, witness declarations, amicus curia declarations
4. Trial perpetration

Restraining Orders-Plaintiff/Defendant or Petitioner/Respondent

1. Family Law Restraining orders

2. Civil harassment Restraining Orders
3. Response to Family Law Restraining Order
4. Response to Civil harassment Restraining Order
5. Discovery
6. Trial preparation
7. Several other services in this area


1. Conservatorship

2. Probate Accounting
3. Probate disputes
4. Guardianship temporarily or permanent
5. Revocable Living Will & Trust
6. Trustee accounting and demand for accounting
7. Wills, codicils, amendments, pour over wills
8. Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney
9. Adoption
10. several other services available in this area

Family Accounting and Management

1. Supervise family affairs, money management and distributions

2. Serve as a Trustee on a Trust with accounting
3. Financial Records


1. Chapter 7

2. Chapter 13
3. Chapter 11 Corporation Organization-Attorney is mandatory
4. Chapter 12 Framers-Attorney is mandatory
5. Federal Complaints, disputes
6. Creditor complaint, adversary proceeding, responses
7. Declaration of debtor for all matters involving Federal
8. Amendments of schedules or petition for any of the listed Chapters

Lmited Immigration

Several other services available, and document preparation of several documents.

It is our job to assist with helping your business to be more productive and profitable at a reasonable rate!! We offer something for everyone by expanding our services to address your business needs. Please review our list of services for more details. If the area of service you are interested in is not listed, please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and do our best to accommodate you.

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All new clients will receive 10% off of the first invoice with a minimum of $125.

*restrictions apply*

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