Have a dispute?

Need help resolving an issue rather it be a family issue or one within a corporation, mediation is the answer. Mediation is cost efficient and saves all parties and their attorneys’ time and money. When it comes to issues of divorce, we especially encourage parents to consider mediation. We will stress and remind parents that their conflict has a direct impact on their children. In the mist of all the chaos sometimes we lose focus of the most important factors. Even though you are divorcing, you will still need to find ways to work together to parent your children after the divorce. Mediation allows YOU to stay in control of YOUR divorce. You are not at the mercy of a Judge or the court system. You can meet with your spouse and the mediator as few or as many times as needed to resolve the issue. In mediation negotiations, both spouses have veto power and have the freedom to customize their decisions in order to find a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation does not conclude until both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

The courts can only resolve cases by either stating that a party is or is not responsible for the happening of an event. In most cases, if the court finds that a party is responsible for the happening of an event it declares how much in dollars and cents the court values the damage caused by the event. The remedies available to parties in court are restricted to those the legislature and appellate courts have approved. Mediation encourages extrajudicial remedies.

In business situations, more often than not by mediating a dispute not only can the lawsuit end but the preexisting business relationship can be restored. The court process does not offer the face to face meeting between parties and the free exchange of thoughts that the mediation process offers. Parties who are allowed to work out their own resolutions to disputes always retain a deeper sense of satisfaction as to the outcome than if the lawsuit was decided by a judge or jury.

BIPS is 100% committed to mediation and settlement of disputes of every kind and regardless of value.

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