Litigation: Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Personal Injury Litigation paralegals provide invaluable aid to attorneys in the litigation process. Let BIPS be the backbone of your trial team, and coordinate the thousands of details that need to be
accomplished before, during, and after trial.BIPS can assist with:-Investigation



-Pre-Trial and Trial

-Settlement and Appeal

Litigation can sometimes be overwhelming even to the most seasoned attorney. Here at BIPS we recognize how important your success is and will do everything it takes to help you succeed. Well will assist you every step of the way rather its witness interviews, legal research, or document review. We will also prepare your trial notebooks to save you the hassle. BIPS is also able to draft appellate briefs, and perform dictation and transcribing.

We pride ourselves with our exceptional organizational skills, allowing you to concentrate solely on your case. BIPS can also analyze your case, prepare all of the needed affidavits, and provide deposition summaries.

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